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Business Disputes

California Business Law Attorney Serving Los Angeles Clients

When you are operating a business, you want everything to go smoothly so that you can focus on your customers and growing your organization. However, sometimes, a dispute arises that requires the keen and experienced perspective of a skilled business disputes attorney. Business disputes range from employment issues to other matters such as contractual and civil liability issues. A knowledge business disputes attorney has the background and training to provide you with comprehensive advice and representation.

The Law Offices of Kourosh Pourmorady has served hundreds of clients over the past 17 years. Targeting small and medium-sized business in the Los Angeles area, we focus on providing our business owners with a personalized and customized experienced. No case is too small, and no question is too minor. We pride ourselves on our reputation for dedicated and passionate representation and our track history of proven success obtaining desired results for our many clients. For a free initial consultation on your business dispute issue, contact The Law Offices of Kourosh Pourmorady today at (866) 666-6529.

Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation is the blanket term for litigation between businesses. Business disputes can occur at all stages of business. Common business disputes include:

  • Business formation
  • Licensing or distribution issues
  • Insurance coverage or claims issues
  • Liability of yourself or other business officers
  • Malpractice or professional liability lawsuits
  • Real estate issues
  • Trade secrets, copyrights, and trademarks

Our law firm seeks to help you resolve your dispute early using successful negotiation tactics. This enables you to avoid the ballooning costs of a civil lawsuit. However, should you need to or desire to take your dispute to court, we are experienced with trying civil cases and representing clients in appeals.

Employment Disputes

When you are a business, you must hire employees who you can trust and rely upon. However, employee-employer issues account for the most common form of business dispute. These issues include:

  • Injury on the job and workers’ compensation claims
  • Sexual harassment
  • Discrimination and hostile work environment
  • Wrongful termination and retaliation
  • Administrative hearings
  • Workplace embezzlement
  • Employee negligence
  • Employee contract disputes involving job functions, benefits or salary
  • Union disputes
  • ADA accommodations
  • Worker safety and hazard issues

Employment law issues typically implicate both federal and state laws, especially allegations involving workplace discrimination. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Kourosh Pourmorady are well-versed in employment law and have over 47 years of combined experience with representing Los Angeles businesses in employer-employee disputes.

Contract Disputes

A contract is an agreement between at least two parties in which one party gives consideration in exchange for something. In the business world, consideration is often money. For instance, you may hire an architect to design your office building. Your consideration is the money you pay, and in return, you get design services. Valid contracts are legally binding. When one party breaks a contract, he or she will be liable for damages.

In general, if a party breaks a contract, the other party has the duty to minimize damages. If you hire a plumbing company to fix a leak in your restaurant’s bathroom and the plumbing company backs out at the last second, you cannot continue to let the water flow and mold accumulate, then seek damages for all of the subsequent damage caused by your refusal to hire a new plumber.

The party in breach will be required to make you whole. These damages are known as expectancy damages. You are placed in the position you expected to be in had the contract been fulfilled. Oftentimes, this simply amounts to a refund. Because the courts do not like to force parties in breach to fulfill contracts, the court will instead require a full refund so that you can find another person willing to do the job. Parties in partial breach will also be required to make you whole.

Contract disputes can occur during business formation with other companies you contract with to help you start your business; between your business and an employee; during operations with another business that provides services such as a distributor; or between your business and a customer. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Kourosh Pourmorady are well-versed in contract law and are eager to assist you with negotiating and settling your contract dispute.

Aggressive Business Disputes Lawyer Ready to Fight for Your Business

Whether you are a large, medium, or small business, you are bound to run into a business dispute of some form. Having a skilled business disputes lawyer in your arsenal like Kourosh Pourmorady allows you to tackle your problems head-on before they grow. Attorney Kourosh Pourmorady can assist your business with mediation or arbitration, including negotiating and settling any disputes, as well as bringing your case to court, if necessary. For a free evaluation of your business dispute, call us today at (866) 666-6529.