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T.V. Signal Piracy Defense

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If you’ve received a letter or a law suit from J and J Sports production Inc. , G and G Closed Circuit Event, Joe hand Promotions or any other company accusing you and your business of showing a pay-per-view program in violation of the TV signal owner’s proprietary rights, contact attorney Kourosh Pourmorady to discuss your situation.

Do not ignore their demand and contact our office because you will be sued and a judgment will be entered against you and your company. The claimants in these cases will pursue the collection of the judgment and they will garnish your income and your assets. Your prompt response to their demand with a help of an attorney is very important. Mr. Pourmorady has been very successful in defending these lawsuits and has been able to achieve great results.

Many restaurant and bar owners have been sued, in recent years, across the country for allegedly committing cable piracy. These cases have been brought forth due to the alleged illegal interception of cable programming services in a commercial establishment pursuant to violation of federal communication statutes. Attorney Kourosh Pourmorady defends business owners who are being sued.

Plaintiffs in these lawsuits are J & J Sports Productions, Inc., and Joe Hand Promotions, Inc.; or G & G Closed Circuit Events, LCC. . Nonetheless, any party that has the legal property rights to a particular fight or TV program has the right to sue.

In many cases, the plaintiffs send a private investigator to the restaurant or facility as customers, take pictures and gather evidence. The evidence gathered by the investigator is later used in filing the law suit.

Knowing the judgments and settlements in similar cases, attorney Kourosh M. Pourmorady would be able to analyze your particular situation and evaluate what a reasonable settlement will be for any particular case. He can also advise you whether taking the matter to trial may be in your best interest.

Signal Piracy Civil Claims

Signal piracy is a civil claim. This means that if you are accused of signal piracy, you are not being criminally prosecuted by a prosecutor’s office. Rather, your business will be sued by the TV network or cable company that owns the rights to the show that you pirated.

Signal piracy is a state and federal claim. In California state court, a company can sue you for a variety of claims. One such claim is conversion, which is the civil term for theft. The company is asserting that you stole their copyrighted material without paying for it. Another claim could be filed under Section 17200 of the Business & Professions Code, which covers unfair business acts in California.

In federal court, 17 U.S.C. Section 101 covers satellite interception, the legal term for signal piracy. Under the federal statute, a judge can award the plaintiff up to $10,000 per violation. This means that for each time you pirate a game or match, you must pay up to $10,000. This amount can be increased to $100,000 if the plaintiff proves you violated the law willfully. If you are able to prove you were unaware that it was illegal to pirate signals, your violation fee may be reduced to $250 per violation.

Under the federal law for cable intervention, defendants can again be charged up to $10,000 per violation, and the amount can be increased up to $50,000 for willful acts.

Plaintiffs can also sue for copyright infringement, which can add damages of up to $150,000 per violation to the award.

Under federal law alone, the maximum award under the three separate statutes for only one violation is a whopping $260,000. This amount can quickly add up if the plaintiff proves you violated the law several times by having multiple viewings. In addition, federal courts can also hear state claims, which will also increase the final award amount.

These amounts are not fines. They are awards. The cable providers can benefit enormously whenever you pirate their signal.

While it may only cost $30 to watch a pay-per-view special at home, it can cost a business $1,000 to $3,000 for the licensing rights to show that same show at its restaurant or bar. The vast majority of businesses being saddled with T.V. signal piracy lawsuits are small businesses that can’t afford the $1,000 to $3,000 fee.

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If your business has received notice from a cable provider about signal piracy, do not ignore the letter. Contact Attorney Kourosh Pourmorady immediately. This letter is only the beginning of a costly T.V. signal piracy lawsuit. Kourosh Pourmorady can counsel you on your options, negotiate with the plaintiff, and fight the case in court. No business is too small. For a free consultation, contact The Law Offices of Kourosh Pourmorady today at (866) 666-6529.