Real Estate

Resolve your real property title disputes, partition actions, quiet title, and family property disputes.

If you have a real estate dispute, specifically disputes over the ownership of the property, Mr. Pourmorady is the right lawyer for your case.

On many occasions, co-owners of a property such as a partner or family members may wish to sell the property or get their equity out of the property, but the other co-owner does not agree. A Real Estate Attorney who is experienced in handling those types of disputes can either defend or pursue the sale of the property in a claim called Partition Action.

Some times friends use their friends or family members to purchase a property or to get a loan on the property. Unfortunately disputes arise when the friend or family member does reneges on the agreement to release their name from the title. That is when you will need a lawyer to fight for you and get the title back into your name.

We work with homeowners to resolve issues related with failure to disclose defects in the property. If you have purchased a house based on inaccurate or incomplete information, and your reliance on that information has led to damage and financial losses, you are entitled to seek relief. We have significant experience representing clients on fraudulent and mistaken representations regarding property conditions.

If you own, or are purchasing, or selling a property, or have a boundary dispute or an easement issue, we can help you. Whether you are seeking to establish, enforce, or defeat an easement claim, or solidify boundaries, we will aggressively negotiate and litigate your claim to see that your property rights are protected.

In the past few years, the Real Estate market has increased the assets of homeowners. Individuals and professionals may some times try to use their knowledge of the law to take advantage of the title owners of the property, especially the ones who have trouble meeting their mortgage payment due to loss of job or medical reasons. Mr. Pourmorady is actively helping property owners who have been defrauded out of the title of the property and have lost their only lifetime asset. Consult with our office before you execute real estate documents especially if it has to be notarized.

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Real Estate Disputes are incredibly complex and long processes. A skilled and experienced real estate lawyer like Kourosh Pourmorady has the education and training necessary to ease the process for you. Call Kourosh Pourmorady, Attorney At Law today, at (866) 666-6(LAW) 529 for a free initial consultation.